Thursday, 14 September 2017

The TJ Question

No, these are not my undies, but they did inspire this post...I own a lot of underwear, a lot.

The other day whilst I was doing the putting away after the washing dried, I noticed a bra that I considered a little dubious. It had started to pill and fade and I thought to myself....

"Why am I wearing that when I have so many others that are beautiful and in perfect, unworn condition?"

Then I thought to myself, "Oh I will give it one more wearing then get rid of it. Oh hang on, why give it one more wear and leave everything else untouched?" So I then went on to think of another question to narrow down my fence-sitting thinking and it had something to do with my man.

The question was this..." Would I want my man TJ (not his real name) to see me in this?"

The answer in my head was a resounding "No!" Then I remembered that last time he cut my hair I had been wearing it and I had snuck off to change it beforehand because I was embarrassed about the ugliness and crapness of the item and I am a gorgeous sex goddess who only wears lovely, feminine things.

That bra ended up in covered in teabags, before you could say Jack Robinson.

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